Honeymoon on Safari for Truly Wild Romance

Honeymoon on Safari for Truly Wild Romance

The ideal Honeymoon requires unforgettable locations; privacy away from the madding crowd with superb food and hospitality; attentive service; a little wild nightlife; and definitely a few fiery sunsets… which pretty much sums up the romance of a northern Tanzania safari.

Entara ticks all the boxes

An Entara safari ticks all the boxes for a perfect Honeymoon: breathtaking destinations in expansive wilderness landscapes; the chance to relax in a private tented suite while still enjoying attentive service in remote and intimate eco-luxe camps; excellent food and once-in-a-lifetime, expertly-guided wilderness experiences to create matrimonial memories.


Add those fiery African sunsets – with sundowners, sunrises of promise, cosy fireside cuddles under an infinite canopy of stars, and you have all the romantic ingredients for a truly wild Honeymoon.

Image Credit: Hagai Zvulun

Be inspired by wildlife and cultures

Safaris that place you among wildlife in their natural habitat and provide you with a glimpse into how different species of mammals, birds and reptiles find and woo their mates is pure privilege with lashings of adventure.

While you can create your own itinerary, consider our Culture, Wildlife and Wilderness itinerary providing you with the chance to mingle with both wild animals in the wilderness and the true custodians of the land – the Maasai, the pastoral Datoga and the hunter-gathering Hadza. 

Image Credit: Hagai Zvulun

Perhaps you can take tips from the likes of love-for-life Ground Hornbills, Doves and Dwarf Mongooses, or be inspired by the passion of big cat couplings and the parenting skills shared in big game herds. You can also learn a lot from the peace-loving Hadza!

Image Credit: Dori Caspi
Image Credit: Dori Caspi

Finding intimacy in the vast wilderness

Entara takes pride in delivering authentic and immersive wildlife experiences but this does not mean roughing it. Our unfenced, 8-tented intimate camps are positioned in remote areas in the Randilen Conservancy, at Lake Eyasi and in the Serengeti. By tents, we mean private, eco-luxe suites with all the comforts but without contrived glitz.


Our welcoming camp staff and chefs will ensure that your comfort and culinary needs are met 24/7 and will go the extra mile to create a space for romance – think private sundowners atop a kopje at dusk, a bush picnic or a meal served in a stargazing tent! Of course, if you do want to socialise, you can join the handful of other guests in the bomas.


Image Credit: Dori Caspi

Outside camp, our expert and highly trained Guides will escort you on thrilling walking safaris to reveal the secrets of tracking or drive you day and night to herds of big game or pockets of predators. Our guides are locals who have grown up walking with wildlife; they pretty much know animals, birds, and reptiles by name and live to share their knowledge and stories with guests.

A time and place for all experiences

A good time to enjoy the thrill of the migration is July to October. It is the dry season, and cooler temperatures make campfire time all the more magical. This is when millions of Wildebeest and Zebra of the Great Migration make their way north for the famed Mara River Crossing.

However, December to May is the Green Season and an exciting time when the Migration herds gather in the lush south to graze and give birth. Our Esirai Mobile Camps relocate north and south to follow this spectacle of nature.

Whatever the season, our camps offer a front-row seat to unforgettable experiences. At Kisima Ngeda, you will be spellbound by life around Lake Eyasi and can join the Hadza hunter-gatherers on a day out foraging or hunting. At Olmara, famed for Big Cats, you will experience infinity in the vast plains and can sleep out under countless stars of an endless sky, and at Olkeri, you will encounter great Elephant herds while shaded by Baobabs amid rocky hills and woodlands.


At the start and perhaps the end of your Honeymoon adventure, there is Katambuga House in Arusha where you can surrender to African time in a tropical setting, with the city and surrounds offering up numerous cultural and nature activities.


Your wedding day may pass in a blur of nervous tensions but follow it up with a wild celebration on a Honeymoon Safari and you will have thrilling memories that will endure forever.

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