Entara Does Safari Differently


Actively engaging your spirit of adventure


Through decades of guiding, the Entara team knows that an African safari experience means little without that unbridled and raw connection to wildlife and wilderness – and that is exactly what we offer. 


Image Credit: Roshni Loldia


We provide something uniquely different to sedate drive-by viewing of vistas and animals, punctuated with spa treatments – we curate active and intimate safaris that totally engage all your senses through life-changing experiences.


Freeing you to immerse yourself in the wild

Led by a personal Guide, we invite you to leave the game drive vehicle and walk within the landscape among the animals; and challenge yourself with a sleep-out at a remote fly camp where you will marvel at the nocturnal sounds while cosying around a campfire under a dazzling canopy of stars.


We create the opportunity for you to immerse yourself fully in the northern Tanzania wilds through meaningfully connecting you with its people, wilderness and wildlife.


Entara values its place within the environment where we operate. This enables you to have authentic cultural encounters with the true custodians of the land: the Datoga and Maasai, and Hadza hunter-gatherers who will take you out to forage or hunt.


Expert guidance throughout your safari adventure

Throughout your time with us, you will be privately guided, protected and filled with wonder as our Guides share their tracking skills and innate knowledge of their wild world.


Our Guides are true wilderness experts because a) they are all locals who have grown up walking with wildlife, and b) they have undergone rigorous training with us to provide you with superior service. But mostly, they are exceptional because of their passion for sharing their tribal land’s stories with a wider world.


Be challenged – but still comfortable


Being challenged doesn’t mean roughing it! Our intimate, eight-tented and environmentally-conscious camps may be remote and designed to blend into the landscape but they still offer eco-luxe comfort and attentive hospitality with hearty meals and sundowners. Even our fly camps wrap you in down duvets!


Also, active doesn’t mean racing about merely to cover ground. We offer flexibility for you to choose from the Entara safari collection to create your own unique and intimate experiences, tailored to your interests and pace.


Rewriting the guidebook just for you

Immersive and authentic are not just buzzwords for Entara. They are the foundation on which our safaris, travel, accommodations and operations are based – and we’ve rewritten the guidebook to provide you with unique, life-changing wild experiences.


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