Entara was formed by a group of like-minded souls that found a common ground. Artists and safari guides, hoteliers, chefs and entrepreneurs – an eclectic tribe bound together by bonds of deep passion and commitment to Africa’s wilderness and its people. We learned through years of hands-on safari operation that the safari experience means nothing without that unbridled and raw connection to wildlife and wilderness. The soul of the safari experience can’t be conveyed through fancy décor and glass sealed rooms. It lives through a sense of adventure and a rekindled sense of wonder, through shared experiences and new friendships. Our whole team endeavours to convey this sense of wonder, passion and deep connection to wilderness and wildlife. Although we are drawn from diverse backgrounds, the Entara team is first and foremost a family united in bonds of friendship, solidarity and purpose with colleagues and guests alike.


Dedicated to conserving and restoring wilderness and wildlife, our intimate Entara camps, lodges and curated safari experiences provide an immersive safari experience with a light ecological footprint rooted in principles of sustainable tourism. We aim to inspire peoples’ perspectives about the balance between man and nature and rekindle a meaningful connection to nature.


In Entara we believe that our guides are the storytellers of the land. Drawn from marginalized communities and traditionally overlooked populations the Entara guide team is built on a foundation of local, bush-wise people. Their life experiences and traditional knowledge are central to our ability to create an authentic and purposeful safari experience. Our comprehensive in-house training programme is a continuous process through which our guides and staff are given the tools to continuously improve and strive to higher standards of leadership, service and professionalism. They do this through hosting and leading an experience-centric selection of interpretive activities that include traditional game drives, intimate walking safaris, remote fly camping, sensitive cultural experiences, night game drives and a host of sleep-out experiences in the wilderness. 

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To address the gross under-representation of women and members of indigenous communities in meaningful positions in the safari industry, Entara committed from day one to challenge such archaic notions and launched the Entara mentorship programme offering one-year internship opportunities and on-the-job training.


The absence of women and indigenous community members in prominent positions in the safari industry originates from deep-rooted, archaic perceptions of their roles and abilities. We believe that ecosystem and biodiversity conservation are directly related to the economic benefits to communities living in and around parks and wilderness areas. From an experiential perspective, members of these communities, such as ex-poachers and herdsmen, offer a unique and genuine perspective on the wildlife and the natural environment and add another dimension and a seldom-heard voice to the immersive guest experience that we stand for.


Our business ethos is to invest and source, employ and empower locally. We believe that business, when conducted fairly, must play a prominent positive role in conservation. We invest in local communities and strive to provide opportunities locally. For us, this encompasses everything from locally sourcing our food, buying sustainable natural materials for our camps and supporting local cooperatives. This ethos runs through our decision-making process and affects the choice of our partners and suppliers. We are committed to empowering local grassroot economies in the communities living in and around parks and wilderness areas to directly benefit the people at the forefront of conservation.

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