Guests Leave their Hearts in Northern Tanzania

Global Messages of Gratitude


Asante is a word used throughout Africa. It means “thank you” – not just any thank you but one woven with eternal gratitude. It’s a word that has become part of our guests’ vocabulary, no matter their home language.


Our People Provide the Experience


This past year, Entara has welcomed adventurers from all over the world: South America, many parts of the USA, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Thailand and South Africa… and they all leave brimming with gratitude for the people of northern Tanzania and our exceptional staff.



Image by Eliza Powell

The Best in the Business, say Guests

Guests each have their favourite memories of experiences, sightings and camps, but all agree that each Entara staff member elevated their northern Tanzania safari adventure far beyond their expectations. 


Image by Eliza Powell


An American staying at Olkeri Camp wrote: “Your team is the best in the business anywhere in the world!”, and an Israeli visitor supported this with: “… everything that we asked for was fulfilled with a lot of love and care. Everything is amazing but the highlight is definitely the people who work here.”


Each page of the guest books in our camps and at Katambuga House highlights the “always smiling”, “always helpful”, and “incredibly knowledgeable” staff; our Guides’ skills; and the open-hearted local people who they have met along the way through cultural 


Moments Forever Etched in Memories

Image by Eliza Powell

Many describe the riveting experience of watching “African Bush TV”. For those yet to visit us, that is relaxing in one spot and watching the unscripted wildlife story unfold right before your eyes – even at night around the campfire. Guests unashamedly confess to binge-watching with ever-growing wonder at the soundtrack and plot twists. 



All guests enthuse about the natural splendour of the landscapes across regions, and the abundance of wildlife, birdlife, insect, and plant life but walking safaris, night game drives, and fly camping regularly feature as stand-out moments.



And then there are unique experiences. For one British guest, it was being blocked from returning to his tent by Elephants! He was delighted, writing: “…they clearly wanted us to stay at the bar!” For another guest, it was a unique “dinnertime cabaret” featuring Elephants, Zebras, and a Honey Badger…



Words May Fail but Feelings Linger


Some guests simply cannot pick a highlight. A British guest wrote: “Every minute has been the best … the smiles, the staff, feeling secure – and the food has been next to none!”

And then there are those who let it all out, like the American group, who wrote: “Words cannot adequately describe our stay at Esirai … but we came up with: lovely, awesome, great, splendid, unique, dazzling, amazing, stunning, incredible and special. We are touched by the beauty of the northern Serengeti and the generosity, kindness and friendliness of all staff and Guides.” 


Image by Eliza Powell

Almost all guests express their sadness at leaving and an immediate longing to return. We say to them all: Karibuni tena – Welcome back! The Entara team and northern Tanzania has so much more to share with you.

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