Join the Green Season Wildlife Parade


The lush, Green Season arrives in December in the southern Serengeti, Randilen Wildlife Management Area and Tarangire National Park, bringing with it an endless parade of wildlife.

Welcome to the Wildest Buffet

As the gentle rains begin, the southern landscape instantly transforms into a buffet of nutritious grasses, flowers and fruits. It is a feast that welcomes the returning mass migration herds, the predators who shadow their journey, as well as a full cast of Africa’s wild kingdom – animals, birds, insects, reptiles, and northern hemisphere winged visitors that arrive for this time of abundance. 

Image by Hagai Zvulun

The Perfect Seating for this Seasonal Spectacular

Entara’s Esirai Mobile Migration Camp set at Naabi Hill in the southern Serengeti serves as the perfect base for daily forays into the vast, herd-filled plains. Green Season sees millions of herbivores spread out across these plains as far as the eye can see. And while you marvel at the multitude of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles, you are certain to see the predators: lions, cheetahs, leopards and Hyenas who take full advantage of this all-you-can-eat seasonal special! 

Olkeri Camp in the Tarangire ecosystem becomes Elephant heaven as the vegetation flourishes and the flowers bloom. The incredible biodiversity during this season reveals intricate stories to captivate the curious and those who are willing to slow down long enough to look.


Not just the Big Five – it’s the Whole Cast

Of course, you will want to see wildlife royalty – and you will – but this special season brings out the less commonly seen species such as African wildcats, aardwolves, caracals, servals, porcupines and honey badgers in the short grass plains of Serengeti. On night drives expect to see genets, bushbabies, white-tailed mongooses and African civets; and during the day the usual suspects will surely wander across your path: antelopes, warthogs, elephants, giraffes, zebra… and the distracting beauty of the abundant birdlife. 

Image by Hagai Zvulun

Walking with Wildlife

The exciting part of exploring the southern reaches of Northern Tanzania is that you can immerse yourself in guided walking safaris. Here you will be at one with wildlife and nature and your guide will certainly open your eyes (in fact, all your senses) to a whole new dimension of bush life.


In Tarangire you will weave through acacia woodlands, giant baobabs and savannah grasslands where the sculptural termite mounds tell their own, spell-binding story, as do dung beetles and prolific insect life. With our expert guided introductions, butterflies, moths, fireflies, frogs and toads will capture your imagination as much as the majesty of a male lion. 


Winged Wonders Complete the Experience

Tarangire and Randilen are home to 500 bird species, three of which are endemic to Tanzania. In and around Olkeri Camp, you can expect to see enchantingly named yellow-collared lovebirds, rufous-tailed weavers and ashy starlings. Look out for the rosy-patched bushshrikes, northern pied babblers; and you are certain to catch mosque swallows, orange-bellied parrots and mottled spinetails within the ever-present baobabs of Tarangire.


From November to April, the Eurasians arrive, including the globally-endangered lesser kestrels, European rollers and an array of warblers, waders, storks, cuckoos, flycatchers, pipits and raptors.


You may arrive with only the Big Five on your radar, but you will surely end your Green Season safari as a converted bird enthusiast or budding entomologist. What is for sure, is that you will leave with hundreds of photos to help you process your life-changing wilderness experience. 

Esirai Camp takes you on a journey following the magnificent migration of diverse wildlife across Serengeti’s southern plains from December onwards. During the Green Season, these herds choose the southern grass plains as their calving grounds, a vital time for nurturing the next generation and building their strength. Within our blog, we’ve provided valuable insights into the remarkable variety of species that come together, making your Green Season safari an extraordinary and golden experience.

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