Esirai Mobile Migration Camp

Esirai Mobile Migration Camp: How Does It Happen?

Entara’s Esirai Mobile Migration Camp is the embodiment of an authentic safari camp compound of the 1800s – but just with a carefully designed, extremely light ecological footprint that allows for it to be moved 180 kilometres in just one truckload over seven days twice annually to follow the Great Migration herds from its remote position in the south to the Mara River for the Crossing in the north.

Credit: James Nassary

Designed To Move Like The Old Days

From the outset, Entara had two key objectives with Esirai: 1. it needed to give guests the privilege of experiencing the two main events of the Great Migration in stylish comfort both down south and up north; and 2. It needed to blend into the environment and have minimal environmental impact while operational – and in moving it.

Through careful and considered thought and design, the 8 eco-luxe tents, along with its large Mess Tent and a Library, support structures and equipment, can be struck, transported and re-erected by 12 people in just a week.

Most furnishings can be dismantled or folded for efficient and space-saving movement – beds come apart, and the chairs, tables and even the vanities fold up. All that is left is a slightly flattened grassy area that will quickly be reclaimed by nature once the safari parties move on – just as it was back in the day.

The Lightest Of Footprints With Maximum Comfort

Some safari operators use up to three 20-foot containers and cranes to move their elaborate camps but Entara is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and weight on the landscape even in the relocation process by ensuring that all fits into just one truck for a single journey.


Esirai Mobile Migration Camp authentically reflects the era of the original safari era – not with theme décor, excess baggage and wellness add-ons – but in how the camp functions, in the attentive service to guests, in sharing cultures and knowledge and mostly, in the nature-based experience of living well within the wilderness as part of the ecosystem … even if it is just for a few days.

The tents have bush bathrooms with 40-litre hot bucket showers and long-drop toilets. The suites plus the Mess Tent and Library are erected on flat ground and lit by solar power – with a charging station for devices in the library. Guests can dine in the Mess Tent, grab a snack around the fire or unwind with a refreshing drink at the bar.

Guests Dictate Esirai’s Camplife Rhythm

The camp allows for ultimate freedom and flexibility. The rhythm of each day is different: you can head out early onto the plains to soak up the dawn energy, climb to the top of a remote rocky outcrop for a privileged view of the short grass plains or simply relax and enjoy a luxurious breakfast. The dedicated camp team will plan each day with you to suit you.


There’s a range of activities for all interests, such as guided walks, bush dining, sundowners, and up north even hot air ballooning can be arranged. Our Guides are local wildlife experts and will gladly find the best way to share their environment with you.

Location, Location, Location…

In the northern Serengeti, Esirai is perfectly situated between June and October in a secluded position for the mass gathering of Wildebeest and Zebra (and ever-present predators) of the Great Migration as they prepare for the treacherous Mara River Crossing. The landscape features vast stretches of savannah interspersed with Acacia trees and riverine woodlands and is filled with an abundance of wildlife, including Buffalos, Gazelles, Impalas, and Giraffes, as well as Lions and Leopards. Visitors can also enjoy exceptional bird watching in camp and on guided bush walks.

Naabi Hill is the setting for Esirai down south from December to March during the lush, green season when the 1.5 million migratory animals return to the short-grass plains to mate, calve and build up their stamina on the nutrient-rich vegetation. Naabi Hill is a perfect wildlife refuge and attracts Leopards, Lions and Cheetahs. It also forms a perfect “perch” for Eurasian bird migrants – and offers guests spectacular vistas across the endless game-filled Serengeti plains where (aside from your ecologically light camp) there is no sign of human impact.


There may be no online connectivity in Esirai Mobile Migration Camp but you are assured of making a very real, buffer-less connection with wildlife and wilderness through this authentic safari experience.

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