Entara Values – What We Believe In 

Safaris with Planet and People in Mind


We provide Safaris with a purpose: to conserve the places in which we work, to empower the people around us, and to protect precious wildlife. Entara’s drive is to provide an authentic and immersive nature experience with a light ecological footprint and to make a significant positive social and environmental impact in our areas of operation in northern Tanzania.



Curated Safaris to Meet Guests’ Needs

Image Credit: Eliza Powell


We do this by offering carefully curated safaris from Arusha’s Katambuga House to four remote camps across the region: Olkeri, Kisima Ngeda, Olmara and Esirai (mobile migration camp).


Our itineraries are not scripted and the pace and focus of each day are set by our guests’ interests and needs.


Whether being guided on a walking safari, driven in a game vehicle day or night, sleeping in a stargazer tent on a fly camp, or sitting around a campfire, our guests can be assured of an experience that will enliven all of their senses.



Local Communities are Part of the Experience

Image Credit: Hagai Zvulun

A pillar of Entara’s ethos is to empower local communities through not only sourcing local produce and services but by providing ‘Guide Training’, developing skills and experience in hospitality from housekeeping to cheffing, and enabling those who continue to live by ancient traditions an opportunity to share their ways and values.


Our meaningful and sensitive cultural encounters that honour traditional lands and reserves, allow guests to join in real-life activities such as foraging, hunting and herding chores with the Datoga, Maasai and Hadza hunter-gatherers in their own spaces. 



Welcoming Eco-Luxe Camps


Ecological sensitivity is paramount in our camps while still providing guests with eco-luxe accommodations – including in our mobile migration camp!


Guest stays are considerably comfortable with all the services and amenities anyone needs to enjoy a relaxing stay in the wild without feeling deprived in any way.


Although power is mainly solar and connectivity can come and go, there will always be hot water in the en-suite luxury tents (and even at the fly camps), a bar with ice-cold sundowners, and hearty meals prepared and served in mess tents that are perfectly positioned for the passing parade of wildlife.


Entara was formed by a group of like-minded souls that found a common ground. Artists and safari guides, hoteliers, chefs and entrepreneurs – an eclectic tribe bound together by bonds of deep passion and commitment to Africa’s wilderness and its people. It’s this passion that shines through to all we do and what we offer. We would love to share this with you soon.

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