Entara Guides thrive at ‘Bush School’

Where Inherent Knowledge Meets Passion

Entara Guides set themselves apart through their unique blend of local expertise, a deep understanding of the environment beyond textbooks, and a commitment to responsible tourism. Unlike guides trained solely by manuals, Entara’s team comes from the very communities that share their land with the wildlife. This inherent knowledge, honed over generations, allows them to connect with guests on a deeper level, sharing not just facts but the soul of the wilderness. Their training goes beyond practical skills to encompass cultural understanding and the Entara ethos of protecting the delicate balance between wildlife, wilderness, and people. This combination of passion, knowledge, and environmental responsibility makes Entara Guides some of the most respected and sought-after in the safari industry.

Learning on the Road

Reciprocating the guide exchange hosted last year at Olkeri and Kisima Ngeda, Entara guides and trainees journeyed to Kenya, hosted by Karisia Walking Safaris. Like Entara, Karisia values traditional knowledge and flare making it a perfect fit for our guide exchange. 


With Nairobi en route, the guides took the opportunity to stop at some tourist locations including the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center, before joining the Karisia guides in Nanyuki. The next morning was spent at Ol Pejeta, viewing Black and White Rhinos, and discussing the conservation implications of places like this. 


The ultimate goal, however, was to spend time in the Laikipia wilderness, camping and walking with camels, seeing different flora and fauna – notably Grevy’s Zebra and Reticulated Giraffe. In this spirit, the last two nights of the visit were spent in the Montane Rainforest on Mount Kenya, hiking and birding. 


Training to be the Best

The concept of the best Guide is always going to be biased on the observer’s perceptions of what a good Guide is. Different personalities and knowledge-base will resonate differently with different guests. There are hard skills that must be taught (we spend a lot of time and resources on this), such as First Aid, firearms handling, driving, tracking etc., but ultimately it is a Guide’s ability to interact with people that makes them great.



“We spend a lot of time in the field identifying stuff and then discussing how we could and would talk about it. We’ll do some classroom sessions because a white board can be helpful with theory, but we’re not carrying whiteboards in the field, and our guests aren’t here to be lectured. I’m really trying to bring out cultural stories and letting the scientific stuff be supportive rather than central,” says Ethan Kinsey, Coordinator of the Guide Training and Director of Client Experience.



Part of this year’s training was a unique course called Adaptive Human Behavior & Client Care which introduced personality types, human development models, conflict resolution and developmental feedback models. In fact, all management and operations attended this training because people skills are so important. 



A significant part of the training also involves understanding how the Entara ethos protecting, preserving and sustaining wildlife, wilderness and people in northern Tanzania differs from what other safari operators are doing in the industry.  

Empowering through Skills Training

Entara Guides are all locals, ages between 20 and 40, with many having grown up in the wilderness walking with wildlife. Entara training is designed to refine their knowledge and advance their safari operational skills.


On this trip, the Entara team included two Hadza hunter-gatherers, three Maasai former herders, and trainee women – underscoring Entara’s commitment to empowering local people through skills development and driving gender equality in the region.






According to course attendant, Rufina William: “The whole training was amazing!” But the highlight for her was getting together as an Entara team. “Learning, working together as a team, and understanding each and everyone’s role… this made me understand that the strength of each member lies in the team – which will give our clients the best experience.”

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