Fly Camping – The Ultimate Wild Experience

An Entara safari is about freedom and reconnecting with nature at one’s own pace. Nothing serves this end more than fly camping in a remote and wild location, far from the hustle and bustle of modernity.

Photo Credit: Hagai Zvulun

Curated comfort under the stars

Fly camping is an overnight experience that places you in the wilderness within a light camp where you sleep in a net tent that keeps out creepy crawlies but which lets in the spectacular light of the infinite star canopy. This is the ultimate immersive experience that exposes you and your senses to bush life after dark.

The campfire is the focal point of the fly camp, where we eat our meals, socialise, tell our stories and share our knowledge and experiences. However, a back-to-basics camp does not mean a lack of comfort. On the contrary, we have kept a few luxuries for you: think drifting off to sleep and being hugged by warm duvets and soft down pillows; a basin filled with hot water and soft towels to dry your face; and generous dining on wholesome food served with a cold beer or a cool glass of wine.

This experience will take you deep into the wilderness. We conduct most of our activities on foot allowing you to experience the bush as a participant rather than as a mere observer. Still, a vehicle is on-site and at our disposal should you need (or want) it.

Entara Safaris run fly camps in many locations, all scenically beautiful and all in remote wilderness areas in Tanzania.

Hosted by Hazda at Ombako

In the Lake Eyasi basin, our Ombako fly camp offers a beautiful and secluded experience where we are hosted by Hadza hunter-gatherers, surrounded by a landscape of rocky outcrops, water and the distant Alipi escarpment. On our walks we will stop to marvel at ancient rock paintings, massive Baobab trees and rocky ravines. And in season, ripe berries plucked from a branch of a dry-looking Cordia bush will provide a sweet snack as we walk. The Hadza will give you a deeper understanding as to how they live in their wilderness home and you can take part in that experience as they teach you how they hunt and gather seasonal offerings such as wild honey or baobab fruit.

Photo Credit: Hagai Zvulun
Photo Credit: Hagai Zvulun

Big game fly camps

In Tarangire and the Serengeti, our fly camps are located in big game country and here you will be hosted by professional Entara Safari walking guides, many of whom literally grew up walking with wildlife. You can open yourself and your senses to tune in with the land around you – a flutter of wings that will set your heart racing might indicate a flock of green pigeons snacking on figs; and tracks and signs will leave clues of the species which inhabit these areas, such as all the nocturnal ones we might have passed by during the day. As you quietly watch a herd of elephants digging in the sandy river for water, you will also scan the kopjes for hidden owls, catch sight of a giraffe feeding on a large acacia, or glance skyward to see a thermal column of vultures descending overhead that pinpoints a pride of lion on a kill.

Photo Credit: Hagai Zvulun

Safari for all your senses

Fly camping will engage all your senses and challenge you while being guided and protected by professional guides and comforted with curated luxuries. No two days are ever the same; new adventures beckon each day – but you can bank on ending your day with a delicious campfire dinner before drifting off to sleep under that African big sky to the sounds of the wild.

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