An Anniversary Adventure to Remember

For our 10th anniversary, my husband decided that I should join him on a safari in Tanzania. He’d been before and insisted that this time we would go together. I can’t say that this was on top of my bucket list, but since I’d heard so much about it, I agreed – without much hesitation and without really understanding what was to come.

Image Credit: Amir Gur

The adventure begins on landing

I can’t say when exactly the “safari” started because we constantly bumped into animals as we left the airport and it immediately felt like we were in a National Geographic feature. To adjust, the first day was dedicated to relaxation, leisure and pleasure in the beautiful Katambuga lodge.

The following day, we set off for the Olkeri camp that borders the Tarangire National Park. As an “appetizer,” we took a walking safari with Bakari, the excellent local guide and ended it with a beautiful sundowner – a surprise that taught us one thing about Entara’s crew: the lengths to which they will go to create the perfect moment!

None of what I’ve learned could have prepared me for the following day’s experience at Tarangire National Park on our first full day game-drive. It was as if we’d returned to 100 000 years ago when nature was at its best and wild animals ruled the earth. Elephant herds were mud-bathing, zebras stomped around healthily and joyfully, Giraffes bolted from an unknown danger, and to top it all, two leopards were fighting in the thick grass! Heaven on earth.

Image Credit: Amir Gur

Hanging with the Hazda

Our next exciting adventure was an unconventional one. Instead of heading to another wildlife park, we drove to what felt like an island lost in time far from civilization to meet and spend time with one of the last practising hunters-gatherers, the Hadza people. We were honoured to join them on their day-to-day tasks – climbing hills while foraging for honey and berries, hunting (they got a giant Kudu antelope), shooting some arrows – the usual…

After a night out in a fly camp under the sky, we returned to the flawless Kisima-Ngeda Camp where we enjoyed a dreamy pool, delicious food and the enjoyable presence of the curious Vervet monkeys (one of them still owes us a slice of pizza!).

Image Credit: Amir Gur

Fishing with the locals

Close to camp, we enjoyed an intimate encounter with a seasonal encampment of Nomadic fishermen and we even gave a hand pulling the nets out of the lake.

Lastly, we headed to the Serengeti National Park, the land of big cats and, naturally, we had very high expectations. But nothing could have prepared us for such a complete experience of nature and leisure perfectly blended!

Image Credit: Amir Gur

Serengeti Big Cat Magic

Olmara Camp was a surprise – the tent was huge and super comfortable, with an outside star-gazer platform and magnificent views of the open savanna.

And as for big cats – they exceeded all our expectations: Cheetahs with cubs, Lions sunbathing, playing and fighting. Seizing food from the local hyena clan, interacting with their cubs, roaring in the middle of the night just next to our tent… Lion Magic.

This adventure could have never happened without the fantastic Entara team; we owe you a debt of gratitude for memories that will last us a lifetime.


Until we meet again (soon, I hope)

All the best,

Yarden (and Amir) Gur

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