A Family-friendly Safari in Tanzania

A Holiday to Change Children's Lives

Image Credit: James Nasary

A family safari holiday will immerse your children into the African wilderness where their storybook favourites will come to life. It is an experience that will fill them with wonder, enrich their lives and nurture a connection with nature forever. 


Creating a Safe Experience for Your Family

Image Credit: Eliza Powell

After the start of your Entara family adventure at Katambuga House in Arusha with its spacious rooms and sparkling pool, you will travel into remote areas by light aircraft and be driven through game territories to eco-luxe tented camps in the Randilen Conservancy and the Serengeti.


Entara prides itself on an authentic safari experience but still with comfort: all tents have en-suites with toilets, all have power, down duvets, hot water, are powered, have social dining and relaxation areas (some even with a library) and sumptuous meals served by skilled local chefs. 


Image Credit: Eliza Powell
Image Credit: Eliza Powell

But there is no TV, games rooms or spas and connectivity is limited. The “entertainment” is set in spectacular and diverse landscapes; performers are birds, animals, reptiles and insects; and the soundtrack is the call of the wild. The narrative comes from the tales told by local Guides and ancient cultures: the Hazda hunter-gatherers and the Maasai people who will host you along the way.


Plenty to Busy Young Minds and Fill the Senses

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Entara Safaris will tailor activities around each family’s pace, needs and wishes.


Game drives take you into the centre of the action; walking safaris take you where vehicles cannot go (not for under 12s though), fly camping has you sleeping in a star-gazer tent at Lake Eyasi and being hosted by the Hazda people; ballooning (an optional extra) lets you soar above the Serengeti; and spending a day with the Hazda will have you foraging as they have done since the dawn of time.


Image Credit: Hagai Zvulun

In Arusha, your time will be filled with cultural sites, gemstone factories and coffee plantation visits, as well as shopping at craft centres and sampling local delights in restaurants.


Whichever package you choose, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied between relaxing in camp and watching the wildlife go by, reading up on the region or ticking off that very lengthy bird list.


Choose a Package that Suits Your Interests

Image Credit: Hagai Zvulun

Entara offers six safari packages that cover the vast region and are timed to take in natural events such as the Great Migration, the Rut and the comings and goings of species aligned to the seasons.


Packages include the Serengeti Highlights; the Great Migration & Big Cats; Serengeti Walking & Big Game (not for under 12s); the Safari Tribal Experience; the Culture, Wildlife & Wilderness; and the Adventure in the Wild safaris.

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Parent Checklist for a Happy Holiday

Packing is a challenge for parents anywhere but it can be overcome easily. Internal flights in Tanzania restrict baggage to 15kg and on safari, you are limited to one soft carry-all per person and a daypack. You can store your suitcases in Arusha.


Pack three outfits of lightweight, hi-tech fabric in browns or greens that can be layered for each family member. Must-haves include a rain jacket, sweater, sunhat, woolly hat, socks, good walking shoes, sunscreen and eco-friendly toiletries!


Keep all camera equipment, memory cards, batteries, chargers and binoculars in your day pack; and make sure that you have all your medications.


Before you depart, ensure you have valid documents and are familiar with health regulations and vaccination needs – and check in advance to make arrangements for any special needs for your family.


Make Awareness and Grow Awareness

Image Credit: Rufina William

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to children, so explore our website and read our Blogs for further information. Your safari will stand out as a family highlight as photos are revisited and tales of living with wildlife in spectacular northern Tanzania are retold by generations – and, best of all, your children will be grounded in awareness of Entara’s ethos to preserve, sustain and protect the natural environment.


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