Nature’s Forested Tonic

Nestled in a fever-tree forest at the base of the Ngorongoro highlands, Kisima Ngeda’s cosy camp rests on the shores of the salt-water seasonal Lake Eyasi. With the changing tones of the day, Kisima offers a perfect spot for deliciously prepared meals and sundowners.


Home of the Great Dotted Cat

Olmara is the Maasai epithet for the cheetah, the great dotted cat, one of the most emblematic inhabitants of the area. Home to the big cats, this expanse of the Serengeti is a remote and wildlife-filled pocket with endless grassy plains and woodlands; and is amongst the best places in Africa to photograph big cats.


Walking with Wildebeest

Esirai Mobile Migration Camp is light and mobile enough to reach the best and most secluded wildlife location. The migratory journey is one of nature’s greatest shows on earth, providing us with a never-ending movement of herbivores continually seeking greener pastures. As the herds move along their ancient route across the Serengeti, Esirai follows closely behind.


Reset yourself with birdsong

Surrounded by explosions of colour and a constant medley of birdsong, Katambuga House is the perfect sanctuary for any short city stay before adventuring into the Serengeti for a safari.


We have learned through years of hands-on safari operation that the safari experience means nothing without that unbridled and raw connection to wildlife and wilderness. The soul of the experience lives through a sense of adventure and a rekindled sense of wonder.

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