Understanding the Great Migration

 Understanding the Great Migration David Attenborough wrote, "The Serengeti is a living, breathing masterpiece - a symphony of life that fills us with wonder and awe." Nothing represents this more than the annual Great Migration of hundreds of thousands of animals across the vast plains to

Walking in Olkeri

WALKING IN OLKERI It’s mid-July and not a drop of rain has fallen in the ecosystem for at least two months. The cold misty mornings and hints of drizzles in June are a story of the past. Grasses have long dried and sent what nutrients they

The Sounds Of The African Night

THE SOUNDS OF THE AFRICAN NIGHT "As darkness prevails, every sound, magnified by our instinctual distrust of the night, hints at predators concealed in shadow.” A choir of bird calls signals the setting sun a family of helmeted guineafowl noisily rattles, a Diederik cuckoo adds its shrill

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