All about Rüppell and the Vulture named after him

ALL ABOUT RÜPPELL AND THE VULTURE NAMED AFTER HIMWilhelm Peter Eduard Simon Rüppell was a 19th century German explorer, collector and zoologist. As the first naturalist to traverse Ethiopia, and with at least 13 species of mammals, birds and reptiles named after him, he is

No frills on foot adventure with Ethan Kinsey

NO FRILLS ON FOOT ADVENTURE WITH ETHAN KINSEY“[We] are interested in something that is a lot less comfortable, and involves a lot more hiking and camping…” was all I needed to put this itinerary together. Every guide I know of a certain personality and calibre

Melanism, albinism and what lies in between

MELANISM, ALBINISM AND WHAT LIES IN BETWEENHave you ever seen an entirely black or white animal? Typically, they animals are more colourful, so what you saw was actually a genetic oddity. Albinism results in whitish fur or feathers, sometimes with a pink undertone. The gene responsible for

The myths surrounding the Elephant trunk

THE MYTHS SURROUNDING THE ELEPHANT TRUNKThe elephant’s trunk is really a fascinating piece of anatomy. Just like your nose, it is used to smell and breathe, but ultimately it has evolved into an organ that can be manipulated so that it can push down trees,

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